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Where to get training on the ISO 9001 QMS internal audit and how to choose a high-quality course?

In order to choose the right company, follow the following criteria:

1. Competence of the instructor

Professional skills of the instructor are crucial for the effective training: quality of the knowledge you get depends on these skills directly. As a matter of practice, even reputable organizations may have a low training level - seminars are mostly theoretical, while the theory can be learned without exterior help.

You can check the instructor's competence by requesting a reference list specifying the qualification and all the instructor's projects. It is a great advantage for the instructor to have a long-term practical experience in ISO 9001 QMS development in different companies, as well as an expert status in QMS certification and publications in various subject journals.

2. Seminar program content of the ISO 9001 internal audit.

The seminar program must describe in details all the elements of the ISO 9001 QMS internal audit procedure specified in the ISO 19011-2003 (ISO 19011:2002) GOST R standard. This standard is voluntary, but almost all courses on the QMS internal audit are based on it. The seminar program must also include practical tasks for all the stages of the internal audit beginning with scheduling and ending with reporting.

The top grade thing is when the seminar program is designed for a certain company and takes into account production particularities. It gives you an opportunity to develop planning and realization skills for the internal audit with the help of this program.

3. Seminar cost and realization conditions

Companies offering such services have very different price policies. The price policy depends on many factors: company location, instructors' salary and competence, credit on the market, etc. However, there are offers that are unreasonably expensive or cheap. They aim at getting quick profit and do not provide good service. In order to avoid this, contact several companies at once and request information about the instructor's competence and seminar contents beforehand. 

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