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Why do Chinese manufacturers benefit from certification in Russia?

It's no secret there is a prejudice in Russia regarding quality of Chinese goods, unlike Europe and North America, where the most of the major companies from the various sectors of the economy have successful partnership with Chinese manufacturers for many years and receive high quality and affordable products.

At present, markets of most of the leading and economically developed countries are filled with Chinese goods; moreover, the quality of products produced in China is continuously rising. Due to high quality and low price level Chinese products are worthy competitors to products of advanced countries.

How do Chinese manufacturers convince Russian consumers of the quality of their products?

Passing quality certification system, including RST (Russian Standard), is one of the simplest and affordable ways for Chinese manufacturers to prove the high quality of products. For this purpose, Chinese manufacturer need to register its own brand name in Russia and after that he can obtain a Certificate of Conformity for all products offered Russian consumers.

We must also mention that Chinese manufacturers certified on the territory of Russian Federation are allowed to look for partners in Russia on their own, to open representative offices, also to use Certificate of Conformity as an additional advertising material which should be a guarantee of product's quality and reliability.

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