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Why do you need a fire safety certificate in Russia?

A company entering the Russian market often faces the need to have a fire safety certificate. A fire safety certificate is a document confirming that the products comply with fire safety requirements.

Foreign market participants ask the following questions: does my product fall under this type of certificate? Where can I get the fire safety certificate? My client from Russia asks me a Russian fire safety certificate, does it match the GOST-R certificate?

Fire safety certificates are an integral part of the GOST certificate. This certification is important for confirming the conformity of products or services to fire safety requirements. Fire safety requirements are defined by technical regulations of the Government of the Russian Federation and federal laws of the Russian Federation.

Certification of individual products is mandatory because the functional safety requirements of the Russian authorities are strict. Since 2009 there have been separate technical regulations for fire safety components. The Fire safety certificate confirms compliance with Russian safety standards and is issued by accredited laboratories, mainly state laboratories.

Fire safety certification is necessary and often requested by local authorities when certifying industrial facilities.

There is a list of products for which fire safety certificates are required:

- electrotechnical and electrical products (phones, cables, refrigerators, etc.),

- fire protection, fire extinguishing and fire detection equipment (i.e. fire extinguishers, fire alarms, fire hoses),

- fire resistant products (e.g. fire damper, fire doors, insulation materials),

- materials (roofing materials, floor coverings, plastic, etc.),

- construction materials with fire protection function: cable gutters, windows, doors, etc.).

The validity period of fire safety certificates may vary from one to five years. 

Specialists of the company SMK STANDART will be happy to help you answer your questions in the field of fire safety certification.

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