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Why do you need a letter of exemption in the field of certification?

A letter of exemption is an official document issued by an accredited body informing that products are not subject to mandatory certification and declaration of conformity in the Russian national system GOST R, as well as according to the current technical regulations of the Customs Union.

For a letter of exemption in the Russian Federation, there is a certain procedure for filling out and the format of the content. It is drawn up on the letterhead of an accredited organization, certified with a blue seal and the signature of the head of the certification body.

Failing newsletters on products can conditionally be divided into the following types by field of application: for trade and customs clearance.

Is it necessary to draw up a letter of exemption for products?

Consider the so-called rejection letter for trade. This is not a regulatory document, but an information one, therefore it cannot be considered mandatory.

None of the legislative acts has clear indications that explanatory documentation must be drawn up without fail. However, retail chains, marketplaces request this document when delivering products in the absence of a certificate, because they are responsible for the availability of accompanying documentation for the further sale of goods.

A letter of exemption may be needed to provide to buyers and supervisors. It is much easier to present an official response certified by a certification center, which states that the product is not subject to mandatory certification. Thus, save time and effort.

A similar situation with customs clearance. When declaring cargo, customs authorities, as a rule, request a certificate or declaration of conformity. When contacting the certification body, it turns out that a certain product is not subject to certification. A situation arises when a reasoned documentary response is needed to avoid verbal explanations and disputes. This document is provided as an official response.

The SMK STANDART company provides services involving issuance of exemption letters for various types of products manufactured in Russia and other countries.

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