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That is why, even though a product should be obligatorily certified by law, very often companies prefer to get an additional certificate by undergoing voluntary certification. The objects of voluntary certification are, primarily, services and products that are not included onto the list of produce requiring compulsory certification or conformity declaring (according to the Technical regulations of the GOST R). For example, various building materials are among objects of voluntary certification.

The voluntary certification procedure is usually initiated by the product manufacturer or seller. Less frequently, it can be initiated by a consumer. For example, when selling a product through retail chains, their representatives almost always request a quality certificate, even though the offered produce can be sold without this document. In such a situation, the manufacturer has no choice and certainly carries out voluntary quality inspection with further certification.

The voluntary certification procedure doesn't differ at all from compulsory certification. However, there are some differences. The main difference is that, when certifying a product, the claimant can choose certain articles of the rules, technical requirements and state standards, the conformity to which will be checked. Voluntary certification can be carried out on the initiative of the claimant solely, and only by an accredited certification center.

Getting a document confirming voluntary certification for the certain produce means having a lot of privileges. Customers trust have more trust in such products, which means these products are more competitive, and can get to the foreign market. That is why voluntary certification is so important in the modern market economy.

If you have questions on how to get a certificate by means of voluntary certification, consult SMK STANDART specialists. They know everything about nuances of the procedure, and will help not only obtain all the necessary information, but also get this document.

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