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Why make the TR CU Declaration?

The Customs Union is the unity of five countries with common economic purposes (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and the Kyrgyz Republic). The main purpose of the Customs Union is abolishment of state taxes for trade within the Customs Union and the increase in trade between member countries of the Customs Union.

Realization of the main purposes of the Customs Union required creating a unified legislation in the field of technical regulations. In this connection the united compliance confirmation system was developed.

The advantages of the Customs Union declaration of conformity

1)      The TR CU Declaration saves you from having to issue hygiene certificates in the countries of the CU and simplifies the procedure of coordination with all authorities. It allows manufacturers to bring declared products to the market so quickly, cause the TR CU Declaration can be issued in the shortest time.

2)      Declaration holders can distribute their products over the whole territory of the Customs Union with no allowance. There is no need to execute separate documents for Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia or Kyrghyzia. Only a CU registered manufacturer can be an applicant for registration of the TR CU Declaration.

3)      The applicant can apply to any certification center whose accreditation area expands to products and services that the applicant intends to certify.

Why you should choose the SMK STANDART company? At first, our organization is ready to assist foreign companies in obtaining the TR CU Declaration. Secondly, the SMK STANDART has the accreditation to execute TR CU Declarations. Importing products to Russia from abroad only an importer company, registered in our country, can receive the TR CU Declarations. Foreign companies, non-registered in the Russian Federation or countries of the Customs Union, cannot be recipients of the Declaration. At last, the TR CU Declaration will be mandatory registered and recorded in the General register of issued certificates on the site of the Federal Service for Accreditation. The SMK STANDART сompany is ready to assist and consult foreign businesses.

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How to receive the certificate?

The applicant provides to the certification bode «SMK STANDART» the filled application form for obtaining the certificate by means of filling of a form on our site.

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