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Development of documentation

 At the moment all standards of management system are developed in the world and there is corresponding documentation, but it is necessary to adapt each sample standard, manual, procedures and processes to the company. Development of processes charts and procedures is one of the most labor-intensive tasks during implementation of the quality system. The qualified experts of "SMK STANDARD" participate in the solution of this task, as well as the staff of the company.

Management of the company describes process of production (activity) of the organization, defines structure of processes, the main results of processes, number of the personnel (including all branches, divisions, full-time and part-time experts), organizational structure of the enterprise. Or provides the description of a hierarchical chain at the enterprise with the indication of processes of interaction between branches, divisions, departments, groups. The company shows how a process of rendering services (works) from the moment of "the first contact" with the potential client to the finishing procedures and closing of the project passes, how a process of production at the enterprise from purchase of materials (production resources) to production of finished products (realization of products if it is provided) is arranged. The organization describes the purposes of implementation of management system in the company.

Further after the information has been provided, the experts of "SMK STANDARD" analyze information and begin process of adaptation of documentation of management system to the company. The operating procedure on documenting of processes includes the following actions:

  • Determination of sequence and interaction of processes.
  • Determination of criteria and methods of process management.
  • Determination of the resources and information used in process.
  • Determination of necessary control methods of processes.

The following stage of works on designing and implementation of the quality system is the development of basic procedures of the quality system and a quality manual. At first the processes should be described, further procedures of the quality system are developed . Compulsory procedures which have to be developed:

  • Procedure of documents management – when schemes of processes are developed.
  • Procedure of records management – during the description of processes the structure of necessary quality records is established, from processes it becomes clear, on what operations these records appear and who works with them.
  • Procedure of internal audits – this procedure is, as a rule, "not connected" to the main processes of the organization and can be developed at any moment of creation of the quality system.
  • Procedure of control of non-conforming product – with description of processes all types of non-conformities and operations where they occur, become certain in technological charts, therefore in procedure it will already be possible only to generalize actions for control of non-conforming product from technological charts.
  • Procedures of corrective and preventive actions – the generalized order of carrying out corrective and preventive actions is established in them.
  • Quality manual - is usually developed after completion of documenting of processes and development of procedures of the quality system.

Types of certificates

How to receive the certificate?

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