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What is ISO compliance and why is it important?

New technologies, industries and products can improve the quality of people's lives, but they also carry unknown risks. When a product or service is new or not yet legally regulated, there is always the possibility that the risks outweigh the value. Adherence to standards helps avoid losses. Standards set benchmarks to determine if an organization is on the right track financially and legally.

The most popular ISO standards for management systems are ISO 27001 for information security management systems and ISO 9001 for quality management systems.

What is ISO compliance?

ISO offers third-party audit certification for a number of its standards, including ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. These certifications can help build an organization's reputation as a business that customers trust. Being certified means that a company is following international best practices in building a business.

Obtaining ISO certification is very valuable for a company, although it is time-consuming and can be costly. ISO 27001 certification, for example, can take from three to six months of work. One year after implementation of the quality management system the company is subject to a two-stage audit by the registrar. ISO certification must be renewed every three years. Before investing in certification, many organizations choose to focus on ISO compliance. ISO compliance is the practice of following a specific ISO standard as a guide for a company's structure and policies. Achieving compliance can be the first step toward certification if that is your ultimate goal or if it is required of the company by its partners and other stakeholders.

Why is ISO compliance important?

Company executives and consumers consider ISO standards to be the world's best practices. An ISO certificate shows that a company can be trusted, that it invests time and effort to work as efficiently as possible.

Compliance with ISO requirements demonstrates that a company takes the quality of its processes, products and services seriously and values consumer and customer safety.

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How to receive the certificate?

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