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Why is ISO compliance important?

Many industry leaders and consumers regard ISO standards as global best practice.

Why is ISO compliance important to companies? Here are some of benefits:

1. Simplification of operations. If your company is new for a market or just starting to think about a quality management system, ISO sets a solid roadmap to follow. Instead of having to decide how to create a roadmap for the company from scratch, you can save time and resources by using ISO standards and structures.

2. Enhance your reputation. You can demonstrate ISO compliance to your customers. This is a powerful marketing tool for a company, especially if you plan to go for ISO certification in the future.

3. Demonstrate credibility. If a company follows ISO guidelines, it tells customers that your business can be trusted and that you care about the quality of your products and processes. For example, if you demonstrate compliance with ISO 27001, you are showing these customers that you care about cybersecurity and protecting their data.

4. Loss mitigation. ISO compliance can prevent or reduce a company's losses, whether it's preventing substandard products from reaching the market or securing manufacturing processes. For example, compliance with ISO 27001 demonstrates that you can be trusted; it also helps protect you against the threat of data leakage that could cause financial and reputational damage. For example, ISO 27001 outlines the steps you need to take to prevent a data breach and how to respond if one occurs. Your company will be aware of implementing the necessary safeguards to mitigate risks that could lead to financial losses and damage relationships with partners.

5. Increased revenue. Ultimately, all of the above is good for company profits – ISO compliance and certification by a third-party auditor is expensive, but in the long run it yields significant profitability. Compliance with ISO standards can help the company manager save money in a number of ways, from reducing energy costs by developing effective energy management systems or preventing losses by implementing quality control systems.

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