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Certificate of Production Conformity

Certificate of product conformity is a document with which certification authority shows compliance of output products with requirements of one or more technical regulations (same as State Standards GOSTs, regulations, rules) developed and applied in the territory of Eurasian Economic Union members.

Companies manufacturing their products in the territory of Russia and Customs Union members shall obtain TR CU Certificate of Conformity or TR CU Declaration of Conformity, as well as Test Certificate for their products. The certification depends on products manufactured.

All TR CU certificates extended in the Russian territory shall be entered in the register on the website of Rosstandart (Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology).

TR CU certification or declaration is obligatory for all companies manufacturing, selling or transporting their products across the border.

  • TR CU Certificate of Conformity is a document certifying that products comply with Technical Regulations of the Russian Federation or the Customs Union actively implemented in these recent days. TR CU Certificate comes up to take the place of GOST R Certificates that certified compliance with State Standards GOSTs. Technical Regulations are more up-to-date and extended quality standards than GOSTs developed decades ago.

We are planning to update all product types to comply with Technical Regulation of the Customs Union since goods as well as requirements applied to them are changing from year to year.

  • TR CU Declaration of Conformity is a document certifying compliance of goods with requirements of specific technical regulation and being in force in all Customs Union members (Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan). Its formalization has been possible since February, 2012, after coming into effect of the first TR of CU. Customs Union Declaration of Conformity shall be registered in the Unified Register of Declarations where one may obtain information on extended and entered in the register documents of conformity. Registration is carried out by certification authority included into the National section of the Unified Register of Certification Authorities.
  • Test Certificate is an official document extended by an accredited laboratory and comprising results of tests performed with the use of various technical facilities and instrumentation, conducted tests for product flaws and tested compliance with necessary standard requirements (GOSTs, Technical Regulations, Technical Conditions, other regulatory documents). Test Certificate may be required for the following: obligatory product certification in any Russian certification system (GOST R system, fire safety, sanitation-and-epidemiological, environmental, medical, electrical safety, electromagnetic-compatibility test, radiation safety and other systems); voluntary product certification for compliance with regulatory documents; to obtain Customs Union Certificate of State Registration; to undergo sanitary and epidemiological supervision at the customs border basing on Expert Conclusion.

Difference between TR CU declaration of conformity and Certificate of conformity

Essentially declaration of conformity and certificate of conformity are very similar. I.e. both declaration and certificate confirm compliance with requirements of the same documents: GOSTs or technical regulations (TR), including unified Technical Regulations of the Customs Union. But the difference between these documents is that when declaring it is the declarant, i.e. manufacturer or seller, who takes full responsibility for truthfulness of information specified in the declaration of conformity. The same presents evidences (e.g., laboratory tests, foreign certificates) of compliance of declared products with specific GOSTs or Technical Regulations. And Certification authority is the only responsible for truthfulness of information specified in the certificate of conformity.

Certificate of conformity shall be formalized only for products being a subject to obligatory certification. For other types there is no difference between certification and declaration.

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How to receive the certificate?

The applicant provides to the certification bode «SMK STANDART» the filled application form for obtaining the certificate by means of filling of a form on our site.

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