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Certificate of Production Conformity

What is a certificate of conformity?

The certificate of conformity with the Eurasian Economic Union Technical Regulations (TR EAEU Certificate) is an official document that confirms that the products comply with the obligatory quality and safety requirements. Certification of goods that are imported from other countries is obligatory. The certificate of conformity is valid on the territory of all EAEU countries, irrespectively of the country where it was registered.

What is the purpose of a product certificate of conformity?

A certificate of conformity is required for the import of goods and their use in the territory of countries which are the EAEU members (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan). In these countries, there are some particular technical regulations, hygiene indicators, and requirements for goods that were set to protect the health and life safety of citizens and their property. You will have to register a certificate of conformity if you would like to import goods to Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and other EAEU countries.

How to certify imported goods?

The certification procedure for imported products is the same as the certification of products of a domestic manufacturer. Imported goods are carried to the EAEU countries in batches according to the market demand, that’s why there is a certification of a batch of goods is provided, which makes the process for importers easier.

What to choose: a certificate of conformity or a declaration of conformity?

The certificate of conformity and the declaration of conformity with TR EAEU are documents of equal value from the legal perspective. Both of them confirm the compliance of products with safety and quality requirements.

They are valid on the entire territory of the EAEU, irrespectively of the country where they were obtained.

Declarations and certificates of conformity are not issued to foreign companies. If the products are imported, then the receiver and applicant must be a resident company of the EAEU.

Both the certificate of conformity and the declaration of conformity with the TR EAEU can be registered for a particular batch of goods, for mass production (up to five years), or a single product

Certificate of conformity and declaration of conformity: what is the difference?

The CU TR certificate of conformity is a document confirming the compliance of products with the Technical Regulations of the Russian Federation or the Eurasian Economic Union.

The certificate is registered for products that require increased attention and control from supervisory bodies, and are subjected to obligatory certification.

The certificate is registered on a specific form, which has certain protection degrees against forgery and is certified by the signature and seal of an accredited authority.

• The certification authority that issued this document is responsible for the data indicated in the certificate of conformity.

The TR EAEU declaration of conformity is an authorization document confirming the compliance of products with the requirements of the TR RF and TR EAEU.

In case of declaring, the applicant manufacturing company or product seller is responsible for the data indicated in the declaration of conformity. Besides, he provides evidence (laboratory tests, foreign certificates) of compliance of the declared products with All-Union State standards or technical regulations.

According to the CU TR declaration system, there is the control of the product itself, but not the conditions of its production.

The declaration of conformity of the Customs Union is subject to registration in the Unified Register of Declarations. CU TR declaration needs no marks, except for the seal and signature of the applicant organization. It is an electronic document.

Registration is performed by a certification authority included in the national part of the Unified Register of Certification Authorities.

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How to receive the certificate?

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