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GOST R ISO 50001-2012 (ISO 50001: 2011)
Energy Management Systems

As energy is the basis of the national economic system, and the problem of energy use in the enterprise is the basis of its competitiveness. Energy management system is aimed at improving the energy efficiency of objects that, in its turn, results in lower costs for the use of this type of resource. GOST R ISO 50001-2012 is an interstate standard used in Russia and the CIS countries, and established in accordance with the ISO 50001: 2011 international standard. This standard supplements to ISO 9001 in the field of energy management systems and is fully compatible with other ISO standards.

Modernization of equipment at resource-intensive industries requires modern energy management systems, since they allow to achieve the rationalization of administrative decisions and the choice of optimal strategy costs (including priority) for the purchase of new energy efficient equipment. It is important to remember that the cost of energy on the market is increasing year by year, which means an investment in the implementation of energy management systems is still betting on the future, guarantees the stable development of the company in the coming years, creates conditions for continuous improvement of energy efficiency. GOST R ISO 50001-2012 also allows reduce seriously environmental payments, for example, for greenhouse gas emissions, if the process of power generation is carried out directly on the plant.

Like many other international management system standards, ISO 50001: 2011 absorbed the experience of the best companies in the world, including best practices for management of energy resources, as well as the technique of rationalization of energy use. From the social and state point of view it is the relative transparency of corporate information on the situation in the sphere of energy consumption, the dynamics of consumption, rationalization, etc. is an important aspect of GOST R ISO 50001-2012 standard. The presence of the ISO 50001: 2011 international certificate will be appreciated by many Western companies, because the struggle for energy efficiency is one of the main trends of economic development in the European Union.

«SMK STANDART» is one of the few companies accredited for certification of energy management systems according to a relatively new GOST R ISO 50001-2012 standard and ISO 50001: 2011. Our experts are ready to carry on all the issues on the implementation of such systems in your company, preparation and conduction of the certification activities. After national or international certification, your company can rightfully claim the attention of potential partners, because investment in their internal competitive advantages is the best testimony to the foresight of the company’s management and the availability of competent strategy of the organization.

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