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Integrated Management Systems

It's no secret that in recent years, Russian companies are increasingly adopting modern management systems in order to maintain high rates of growth and raising competitiveness both at the domestic and foreign markets. Numerous international standards are mutually supplementing, so today the majority of experts talk about the formation of integrated management systems at the enterprises, which are a combination of two or more management systems conforming to ISO and GOST, which function as a unit. Implementation of integrated management systems is even more cost-effective than the usage of separate systems, thanks to the powerful synergies from such integration.

Of course, the real ensurance of the necessary level of consistency across the organization departments functions is the another advantage of the integrated management system. Everyone should be aware that the integrated management system does not cover all aspects of general management, as in many areas the management systems are not standardized, and not only in Russia, but also at the international level. The introduction of an integrated management system helps to avoid duplication of functions and business processes within the company, the intricacies of interrelations between the different management systems, long alternate implementation of standards and other serious management problems.

Among the most common elements of the integrated systems are ISO 9001 Quality Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System as well as environmental management under GOST R ISO 14001. Thus, the use of integrated management systems is optimal to meet the challenges in the field of ecology, safety, quality, etc. Such systems can be implemented in enterprises of any industry, the size and form of property - in developed countries, the implementation of integrated systems is almost a prerequisite for the existence of the company.

Implementation of integrated management systems is an important contribution to the sustainable development of your company in the coming years. Experts of QMS Standards will help to carry out the development, implementation and certification of systems of any level of complexity efficiently and professionally. Our company is accredited to conduct certification activities to the national, interstate and international standards. Integrated management system will make your business more manageable, transparent and effective, which will undoubtedly increase its attractiveness to potential customers and partners. Seek professional advice and you will shortly get really working efficient management systems that can improve the company's competitiveness at the market.

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