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How is development of documentation carried out?

International standards are developed in order that every enterprise has effective quality management system. The world’s experience in product and service quality management is accumulated in ISO standards. International quality management standards are recognized as national standards in many countries, including Russia.

ISO standards are implemented in organizations in order to increase competitive advantage, improve quality of their products and performed work, meet customer (consumer) requirements and expectations, reduce audits, fulfill desire to have government orders, and minimize risks and costs.

Why does an enterprise need quality management system?

Each enterprise must have developed, documented, implemented and operating quality management system. Enterprise shall constantly improve efficiency of the system. In order to comply with these requirements enterprise shall:

  • Set processes with which quality management system will function. Extend the same to an entire enterprise.

  • Find the sequence in which these processes will be effected, and how they will interact.

  • Develop criteria and methods to provide efficiency, both when controlling and in the course of carrying out of these processes.

  • Have necessary resources and useful information for monitoring and general support of these processes.

  • Directly perform monitoring and required analysis of processes set.

  • Take all necessary measures to provide effectiveness of these processes and permanent improvement of the same.

How do we do paperwork?

SMK STANDART renders assistance in development of documentation customizing it for each company. It may be remote work or on-site work at the company. When developing documentation all particular features of company activity, corporate structure, internal and external processes, partners with which the company interacts, company goals and strategies shall be taken into account. When rendering assistance in documentation development consultations shall be held with employers of various levels. All requirements shall be considered as applied to the specific company, requirements and expectations of potential consumers shall be always taken into account.

Documentation development is carried out in continuous coordination with company employees, quality service, and company chief executive. Developed documentations shall be clear and easy-to-understand for all company employees for the documentation regulates activities both by employees and the company as a whole. Owing to competent consulting implementation and customization are carried out smoothly in the course of company activity.

Since documentation development is carried out in cooperation with company employees, and implementation is performed gradually, employees have time to realize the value of such measure. SMK STANDART has a great experience in that kind of work. Our experts will provide smooth introduction of new format of work at the enterprise, and will help employees to adjust themselves and manage the system independently in the future.

SMK STANDART develops complete package of documents meeting requirements of the standard to be implemented. In particular, among them are:

  • quality policy;
  • company quality goals and objectives;
  • quality manual;
  • company standards / documented procedures;
  • operating instructions;
  • record forms etc.
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Types of certificates

How to receive the certificate?

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