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Staff Certificate of Compliance

The main income-generating component of every enterprise is not the quantity of the goods in the warehouse, and not the gross revenue but the employees. The qualified personnel is able to bring even a small company to with a modest budget a higher level, while untrained staff can ruin the most brilliant idea.

In order to prove to potential partners, customers and, above all, to yourselves, that the qualification level of employees meets international requirements, you must pass the certification of personnel compliance. Pay attention to the fact that the assessment of subordinates by immediate superiors is not taken into account, the independent expert group’s n is important.

The objectives of the certification:

  • protect consumers from low-quality products and services;
  • create conditions for comfortable work of the staff;
  • conformity assessment of declared quality level of goods and services;
  • of personnel security, as well as the introduction of measures to protect the environment.

The certificate of conformity issued to the staff on a voluntary basis for a period of 5 years. The document further action is extended.

The advantages of certification are obvious:

  • the ability to enter into transactions with major companies, international corporations and government agencies, as well as participation in public tenders;
  • increasing the investment attractiveness of the enterprise;
  • a serious ground for refusal in the event of customer complaints to the quality of products or services;
  • raising the prestige of the company;
  • a high credit rating (easier to get a loan with minimum overpayment).

The self-esteem of employees will be an undoubted advantage. Executives note that after the certification the staff is getting more responsible to their duties.

That is why the Staff Certificate of Compliance is needed by absolutely any company, from small start-up businesses to the organization with a rich history.

We are ready to help in its preparation: we will conduct prior consultation, show you how to eliminate defects and answer all your questions. All information received by the customer is strictly confidential. We do guarantee the efficiency and professionalism!

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How to receive the certificate?

The applicant provides to the certification bode «SMK STANDART» the filled application form for obtaining the certificate by means of filling of a form on our site.

If you have additional questions – contact our specialists by phone +442035146935.

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