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Implementation of documentation

"SMK STANDARD" offers revolutionary options of implementation of management system at any enterprise, for this purpose our experts developed remote technologies of management system implementation.

Remote implementation of quality management system is the product developed especially for branch of small and medium business in Russia. It is no secret that small and medium business covers more than 70% of the Russian market and to minimize costs of the companies on on-site audit, to reduce trip and transportation expenses, and in order to accelerate process of implementation of management system on production facilities, "SMK STANDARD" provides distant learning and implementation of management system in any organization.

The technology and process of implementation of management system is the following. Experts of "SMK STANDARD" adapt documentation of management system to the company on the basis of collected and analyzed information of company’s processes and structure of work. Further documentation connected to management and staff training, the program and methods of application of documentation in the company are developed. First of all, the personnel of the company studies documentation connected with training, then passes a number of tests and answer the offered questions. After finished with training and answers to tests, management analyses the received information and begins implementation of the quality management system at the enterprise according to the developed graphic pictures (presentation) attached to training. If there are complicated questions and difficulties in the process of implementation of management system, the experts of "SMK STANDARD" hold remote conference on Skype. Thanks to this technology costs of implementation of quality management system at any enterprise are minimized, processes of work and achievement of specific goals and tasks are accelerated. Implementation of management system in large enterprises and corporations is a difficult and long process as assumes change in work of employees. Such changes can take long time, therefore development and implementation of documentation are often combined without waiting for completion of development of all procedures and the description of processes of the quality system. Therefore implementations of management system in large organizations are carried out by means of on-site work of experts of "SMK STANDARD".

Types of certificates

How to receive the certificate?

The applicant provides to the certification bode «SMK STANDART» the filled application form for obtaining the certificate by means of filling of a form on our site.

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