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GOST R ISO 39001-2014
Road Traffic Safety Management System

Road Traffic Safety Management System is not intended to standardize the technical parameters of roads and road equipment. It was created in order to make the approach to the safe traffic more modern, to stimulate the introduction of effective methods and technologies in all areas of the industry. Standard helps reduce accidents on the roads, to minimize serious consequences. With regard to the statistics on road accidents in our country, it is very important.

ISO 3900 National Standard was prepared by the All-Russian Research Institute on the basis of Road traffic safety international documentation. It is an adapted translation of the international version, so recognized by foreign organizations.

The GOST R ISO 39001-2014 certification opens a lot of opportunities for the company:

  • the level of consumer confidence is increasing, and resulting in an increased number of orders and increased budget revenues;
  • an opportunity to participate in various tenders, both public and private;
  • reducing the number of audits.

In addition, the ISO certification significantly increases the loyalty of banks: your chance to get a loan on favorable terms increases. If you do accurately approach to the organizational work of own company, the same attitude is expected in financial issues.

What do implementation of standard include?

  1. Proper planning of the enterprise’s work;
  2. Introduction of innovative technologies;
  3. Work with the staff (training, retraining);
  4. Constant contact with the consumer;
  5. Caring for the environment, energy-saving technologies and practices to reduce hazardous election to the atmosphere.

These are only some of the aspects taken into account, in practice, the list may vary depending on the type of business.

To obtain a certificate, you must pass a series of bureaucratic procedures. Its difficult enough to pass them independently. Entrepreneurs often make mistakes because of which you will need to to start the whole procedure again.

Our team is ready to help you avoid problems and to accompany the process of GOST R ISO 39001-2014 certification at every stage, from the preparation of documentation and preliminary audit, to the conduct of expert review. We work professionally and efficiently, so we can ensure that the certificate will be received as soon as possible.

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How to receive the certificate?

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