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GOST R ISO 22301-2014
Management Systems Business Continuity. General requirements

GOST R ISO 22301-2014 ”Management Systems Business Continuity. General requirements” entered into force on December, 1 2015. Standard was prepared by LLC "Research center of the control and diagnostics of technical systems" on the basis of their own authentic translation of ISO 22301: 2012 "Safety of society - Management Systems Business Continuity - Requirements” (Societal security - Business continuity management systems – Requirements) international standard. Was issued by the Technical Committee for Standardization TC 10 "Risk management".

Scope of GOST R ISO 22301-2014 standard. The standard establishes requirements for the planning, development, implementation, operation, monitoring, support and continually improvement of a documented management system for protection against accidents, reduction of the likelihood of their implementation, preparation of response and recovery from incidents when they occur. The requirements laid down in the standard are universal and applicable to all organizations, regardless of type, size and other features. The applicability of these requirements depend on the working environment, structure and other characteristics of the organization.

The ISO 22301: 2012 international standard was developed based on BS25999, the British national standard, which is a combination of the best world practices in the field of creation and implementation of business continuity management, as well as enabling a third party to conduct an independent evaluation of such systems. Britain has long been a leading country in this area, and requirements to ensure the continuity of the individual structures of the local and international business are required in this country. When developing ISO 22301: 2012 standard the provisions of the British standard of continuity management systems in the information technology (BS 25777) was also used. The emergence of a single international standard allowed to unify requirements for such systems around the world, which is especially important for multinational companies simultaneously operating in dozens of countries.

In today's economy, the need to ensure continuity of business processes in all environments is clear to the management of any serious company. Nevertheless, many of the risks to the operating activities of the organization are objective, so the company needs to have constantly functioning system capable of minimizing the possibility of occurrence of risk itself and potential costs in the event of such problems. The ISO 22301: 2012 international standard reflects recommendations built on the basis of best practices in protecting businesses against emergencies and maintaining the smooth operation of the key structural divisions of the company.

Using the business continuity management systems, complying with standard requirements, carries a number of important benefits for the organization, increasing its competitiveness. Primarily, this is due to the fact that the company, minimizing the risk of its operations also reduces them for own partners in the supply chain. Guaranteed business continuity significantly improves the company's reputation by reducing uncertainty, lack of downtime as in the management and in production infrastructures, strict adherence to the agreements with contractors. The introduction of such systems is effective for businesses of all forms of ownership, size and scope of activity, but especially in demand for companies operating in high-risk conditions, such as finance and credit, transport, telecommunications companies and government organizations.

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