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The Procedure for Application of the Mark "SMK STANDART"

The Mark of Conformity of the System of the Voluntary Certification to «SMK STANDART» —is the form of bringing to consumers and other interested parties of information about the certified products, works, or types of services in the the System of the Voluntary Certification «SMK STANDART».

Labelling of the Mark of Conformity is based on the authorization for the right to use the Mark of Conformity to  «SMK STANDART», issued by the certification body. 

To label the certified products, the Mark  «SMK STANDART» image is used. It is applied on either product itself or its packaging. 




1. General provisions

1.1. The Mark of the System – is a symbol used to inform users and other concerned parties about the compliance of the certificated objects to the System requirements.

1.2. Permission to use the Mark of the System is issued by the certification body to the holder of the Certificate of Conformity to the System (Appendix 1, the internal document of SVC "SMK STANDART").

1.3. Issuance of permits to use the System Mark is made simultaneously with issuance of the Certificate of Conformity. Permit specifies information about the holder of the Certificate of Conformity, who is authorized to use the System Mark, as well as details of the certification body that issued the permit, and also the period of the permit action.

1.4. Permit is signed by the head of the certification body, and the signature is certified by the seal. 

1.5 Permit to use the System Mark is issued for a period not exceeding the period of validity of the Certificate of Conformity.

1.6. Certificate holder who received permit:

  • shall ensure that the certified objects comply with regulatory requirements;
  • shall use the System Mark by the rules established in the System;
  • shall suspend / terminate the use of the System Mark in the case of suspension / termination of the Certificate of Conformity.

2. Requirements to the Image of the System Mark

2.1. The Mark is a circle of 14mm diameter with a stylized globe. The circle contains inscription « SMK » under which   is inscription «STANDART ». Around the circle, there is another circle of 20mm diameter. The ring formed by the circles contains inscription « service – service » / « personnel – personnel » / standard name under which certification is made.

3.The Procedure for Application of the System Mark

3.1. The System Mark can be depicted on the technical and supporting documentation, advertising materials, receipts, purchase orders, agreements, letterheads of enterprises, etc.

3.2. Object tagging by the System Marks shall be made by the holder of certificate of conformity.

3.3. At labeling the following technological methods are applied:

  • applying to the documentation and publications of flat and embossed image of the System Mark;
  • marking of official forms and advertising leaflets by the System Mark using a special stamp.

3.4. The System Mark is applied in full according to the established image. It is not allowed to apply separate elements of the image.

3.5. The Certificate holder bears all costs on labeling of the certified objects by the System Mark, including purchase of the necessary technical equipment. 

Types of certificates

How to receive the certificate?

The applicant provides to the certification bode «SMK STANDART» the filled application form for obtaining the certificate by means of filling of a form on our site.

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