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SA 8000: 2008
Social responsibility

Social responsibility as an important component of the operations of any self-respecting company is known even to people far from the management and economics. Socially responsible business understands that the main purpose of business is not to maximize profits, but meeting needs and, as a consequence, improve people's lives. Surprisingly, even for such areas of activity the international SA 8000: 2008 standard was developed, which regulates the important ethical criteria in the course of business activities, including those relating to improving the quality of working conditions and living standards of workers. Planning of productive management in accordance with this standard allows to optimize the cost of corporate social responsibility, as SA 8000: 2008 is based on best international practices and takes into account a number of important features of modern business.

The basis of Social Accountability 8000: 2008 consists of a number of conventions of the International Labour Organization and United Nations. The purpose of this standard is the global promotion of the rights of workers around the world, which is especially important for companies that operate in developing countries where labor laws do not so tightly regulate the responsibility of employers. As part of SA 8000: 2008 social responsibility is understood as the ability of the enterprise to assess the social impacts of its activities, including the impact on the social environment. The introduction of the standard allows the company to significantly improve its reputation in society, increase the attractiveness for potential employees, increase the motivation and productivity of staff, eliminate staff turnover and improve the professional level of employees.

Standard is aimed at optimization of enterprise management systems, taking into account the need to ensure the basic rights of employees, good working conditions and raise of living standards while ensuring the desired level of profitability. Thus, the implementation of SA 8000: 2008 requirements at the enterprise significantly increases the efficiency of the entire organization through internal optimization of human capital. In countries such as Russia to obtain the international certification under this standard it is often a prerequisite for cooperation with foreign companies from countries with rigid labor laws, for attraction of foreign investment on favorable terms. Most of the Russian branches of multinational companies have certified their activities in the SA 8000: 2008.

The «SMK STANDART» company is accredited for the organization and certification of SA 8000: 2008 "Social Responsibility." Among our clients this standard certification has traditionally been one of the leaders in popularity - effective top management understands the importance of social responsibility and the need to confirm it with the documents that are recognized throughout the world.

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