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GOST R ISO 26000-2012
Guidance on social responsibility

For many companies, the concept of social responsibility is getting more important. Businesses and organizations design and implement programs to protect the environment, to introduce social support to the staff and society in general.

Social responsibility: the principles and standards

In order to confirm the efficiency in this direction, GOST P ISO 26000-2012 was designed.

This certificate confirms that:

  • The company takes into account the interests and rights of every employee, regardless of position.
  • The company strictly follows the rules of good business, does not violate its obligations to business partners and consumers.
  • Environmental regulations and requirements are taken into account, company works to protect the environment, including attention to minimization of the toxic emissions of waste production and recycling of natural resources.
  • The organization or company is taking part in the social life of the city or the country, is engaged in charity, supports the development of children and youth.

Performance on every task is not necessarily important to comply with the basic principles and standards of the certification requirements.

The benefits of GOST R ISO 26000-2012 certification

The holder of GOST R ISO 26000-2012 certificate has a higher reputation in the market; the document confirms that he can be trusted. The competitiveness of the company increases, reputation is growing, and, respectively are the revenues. Investors are more willing to invest in your business, and large customers are not afraid to place even a large order.

Another advantage of certification - the biggest attraction in the eyes of potential employees, the social component is not less important than the material. Participation in charitable and environmental projects helps to rally the team, to reassure each employee in the importance of their contribution to the change in the world.

If you want to emphasize the dignity of your company - contact us. The «SMK STANDART» company ensures that the process of GOST R ISO 26000-2012 certification will be quick and easy for you.

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