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International certification

SMK STANDART holds certification according to international standards from an accredited body:
"International Accreditation Service" (IAS)
"International accreditation forum" (IAF)
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Safety and Health Management

OHSAS 18001 Standard for the description of development and implementation of Occupational Health & Safety management systems at the enterprise
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Energy Management

ISO 50001 International standard for management systems which defines requirements for the energy management system
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Food Safety Management

ISO 22000 Standard which determines requirements to all organizations in a chain of production and consumption of food products
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Social Safety

ISO 22301 Standard which establishes the principles of planning, implementation and development of business continuity management systems
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Information Security Management

ISO 27001 Standard contains requirements in the field of information security for creation, development and maintenance of management system.
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Technical Regulations of the Customs Union

TR CU certification is mandatory to establish the minimum necessary security requirements to manufactured and sold products in the territory of the Customs Union
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Quality management

ISO 9001 establishes requirements to quality management system which is used for the internal application within the organizations
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Systems of Social Responsibility

SA 8000 - Standard assuming existence of the social and ethical management system applied on a voluntary basis
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Ecological management

ISO 14001 This standard establishes criteria of impact of the companies on environment
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Types of certificates

How to receive the certificate?

The applicant provides to the certification bode «SMK STANDART» the filled application form for obtaining the certificate by means of filling of a form on our site.

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Why do we need standards?
There are a lot of standards for business. Standards are needed to streamline business processes and to use best business practices where possible.
HACCP standard and ISO 22000 certificate
In 2014 enterprises faced the need to comply with the HACCP standard, but not everyone still understands what the requirements are for food businesses, and what the liability is in case of violation.
What is the international ISO 9001 certificate and is it needed in the Russian reality?
Each company can answer this question only for itself. However, according to the research of the International Organization for Standardization, about a thousand companies from different countries say that the presence of the ISO 9001 certificate leads to more income, more recognition of their company, better market positions, and market conquest.
Reputation management strategies for business
Reputation assessment is a relatively new format for working with commercial organizations. This procedure means determining the level of motivation and trust of customers, consumers, customers, suppliers and distributors to order the services of the evaluated company.

The procedure of certification and requirements to passing it in Russia

Stages certification:

1. Audit at the enterprise is collection of primary information about management system which is reviewed for certification; what documentation is developed for this purpose, what purposes and the principles the organization sets for itself.

2. Following the results of audit the decision is made whether the company conforms to requirements of the certification body.

3. If the company doesn't conform to requirements of certification, one of authorized bodies develops documentation, prepares the company for certification and further the company passes certification in other appropriate body.