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HACCP standard and ISO 22000 certificate


In 2014 enterprises faced the need to comply with the HACCP standard, but not everyone still understands what the requirements are for food businesses, and what the liability is in case of violation.

HACCP is a risk analysis and critical control points in the food enterprise. In other words, it is a system of risk assessment with regard to the safety of your products. This system is a set of documents of business processes and resources of the enterprise, aimed at identification, control and management of risk factors in the industry.

Since 2013 came into force technical regulations on the safety of food products, which stipulate that businesses involved in the manufacture of food products must have a developed system of documentation, based on the principles of HACCP. This includes organizations engaged in the production of food products, such as confectionery, agricultural products and others. Accordingly, once you have developed this system of documents, you can be certified to the ISO 22000 standard on food safety.

The point of HACCP is to take control of all critical control points in the enterprise. This can include any process, from technology, to processing and to transportation. During the development of HACCP the whole food chain is analyzed, from the moment of receipt of raw materials to the moment of shipment. If there are discrepancies in the technological and sanitary standards, it is necessary to bring these processes to safety and finalize documentation.

Thus, the development and implementation of the HACCP system in the food enterprise is mandatory. And ISO 22000 certification is voluntary. It is also important not to confuse certificate of conformity, which is issued for the products, and certificate ISO 22000 2007, which confirms the safety of production.

Certificates issued by foreign certification bodies in the field of food products are not recognized in Russia. Therefore, if you are planning to supply products from abroad, you need to worry about this issue beforehand.

Despite the fact that the certificate ISO 22000 is not required, it is important to know that in the case of inspection Rospotrebnadzor, which takes place necessarily on all food businesses, experts pay attention to the availability of this document.

The company SMK STANDART offers full support in the process of HACCP implementation.


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