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Reputation management strategies for business

Reputation assessment is a relatively new format for working with commercial organizations. This procedure means determining the level of motivation and trust of customers, consumers, suppliers and distributors to order services of the evaluated company. 

Now in Russia there is the GOST R 66.0.01-2017 defining general requirements to business reputation, and also a number of GOSTs which regulate an evaluation of experience and reputation of the organizations which activity is regulated in different spheres - the building branch, the architecturally-building, design organizations.

The standard establishes a procedure and criterias for assessing the experience, reputation, financial condition and potential of companies. 

Why do we need to evaluate experience and business reputation?

First of all, the evaluation of experience and business reputation is required for entrepreneurs and companies that plan to participate in tenders, tenders with the selection of contractors for various works on a competitive basis. 

This is due to the fact that according to Federal Law No. 44 "On Contract System", the "business reputation" criterion is taken into account for the selection of contractors.

The evaluation of business reputation and experience is also required when selecting contractors:

- the purchase and sale of business,

- development of investment projects,

- to the assignment of debt obligations.

The Business Reputation and Experience Certificate is an effective tool to compete for customers and partners. The document shows the interested persons that it is safe and profitable to cooperate with this organization.

How are the experience and business reputation of the company assessed?

A factor model is used for the assessment procedure. It involves investigating the following characteristics of the company:

1 - History. The duration of a company's presence on the market, the volume of products manufactured, services provided and work performed are taken into account.

2 - Means. The extent to which the company is provided with the material resources required to manufacture and supply products, provide services and carry out work is assessed.

3 - Personnel. It is analysed whether the company has a staff of qualified managers and employees.

4 - Image. The enterprise's perception of its customers and society as a whole is traced.

5 - Credibility. It checks whether the information provided by the company is complete and reliable.

The company SMK STANDART helps to obtain a certificate of business reputation. This document will allow your company to stand out from other competitors and attract the attention of potential partners in Russia and abroad.


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