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Why do we need standards?

Standards are needed first and foremost to streamline business processes and to use best business practices where possible. We are talking about quality standards for environment, industrial and occupational safety, food safety, information security, etc.

There are a lot of standards for business. They were developed by the International Committee for Standardization, ISO. The standards have international recognition, first of all, due to the fact that there is a unified approach to verification of these standards. Certification is governed by the requirements of the international traditional community. Thanks to the international recognition, the enterprises get quite a lot of advantages. Among the basic it is necessary to name the following: the first - is an image component, image, and the second - an opportunity to enter other markets.

Adherence to the requirements of the standard is voluntary, i.e. companies do not have to go out for certification or implementation of these standards. But recently it has become increasingly evident that business partners impose certain requirements for management systems to be implemented at the enterprise, and preferably certified or verified by an independent expert company. This is the trend today.

If we talk about the usefulness of standards, everyone is more interested in what practical benefit the quality management system brings. There is an opinion that it is useless and a waste of time. However it is not so, because standards are business processes which are used by an enterprise. With a competent approach when implementing a management system, what the company is guided by becomes part of the processes and the company makes full use of what is in the standards.

Standard management is a quality risk management tool. Standards regulate best business practices that can be used by business owners, managers, and employees of the company, to whom standards help them work faster and easier.

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